Each and every Evolution Chips file is unique, it is written purely for YOUR vehicle and unlike most of our competitors is not a generic upgrade software file. The file is calibrated based on a number of criteria including;

  • Our road test data and driver feedback.

  • The capability of the vehicle.

  • Our customer requirements, such as better economy, BHP and performance or a combination.

The new software is uploaded back onto the vehicle and road tested once more to assess the changes to the vehicle. If necessary alterations are made until both Evolution and ourselves are happy with the end product.

In using such a dedicated, professional and structured approach we are confident that the finished results will exceed virtually every other remapping company in the market and will give the customer an economical, reliable,safe, smoke free (if turbo diesel) and responsive vehicle. We are happy to offer a full seven day no quibble money back guarantee.

If your looking for petrol or diesel remapping in Scotland, why not see what we can do for your vehicle today?


There are numerous companies who have appeared offering cheap remapping in Scotland over the past few years and they will NOT do the following with every vehicle!

  • Oil and water levels are checked, tyre pressures checked.

  • A full engine management diagnostic check is carried out.

  • The vehicle is road tested to check the fuelling (AFR) & boost pressure if turbocharged.

  • Everything is “data logged”, data logging is the collection of live data as the vehicle is driven.

  • The original factory software is extracted from the vehicle and sent to Evolution for recalibration.