DPF & EGR DELETE by the experts in ayrshire

Here at Seditas motor Services we are experts in DPF & EGR Delete: The majority of diesel cars from 2006 onwards are fitted with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and over time this can cause major running issues as the soot and ash levels increase inside the cannister. we are able to carry-out full DPF system diagnostics and pressure checks to identify any underlying issues and if required remove core and CORRECTLY delete software from inside ECU (not just simply deleting the fault codes). Likewise the EGR valve can gradually carbon-up over time and fail, we can correctly remove this from the software system


The DPF looks similar to a traditional exhaust silencer, but is mounted close to the engine. Inside is a complex honeycomb ceramic structure designed to filter the exhaust gases while minimising flow reduction (which would otherwise limit performance). By forcing the exhaust gases through the walls between the channels of the DPF, the particulate matter is deposited on the walls, so reducing the amount of air pollution. Once the DPF reaches a certain level of ‘Saturation’ it performs a regeneration cycle to burn off the particulate matter inside the filter.