Automatic Gearbox Remapping:

The last decade has seen an explosion of automatic gearbox fitment to many vehicles, mainly due to the advent of Duel Clutch Gearboxs (DSG) and more efficent torque convertors. However, in many cases the factory software can be vastly improved ie improving upshift and downshift times and points, removal of kickdown, alteration of Launch Control settings and for stage 2 and above vehicle the vehicle alteration og Clutch Pressure and Torque Limiters (VERY important...) and we have over ten years experiance of dealing with the various TCU's.

To see what remapping we can offer for your transmission, click the gearbox remapping Icon on the left to search only our gearbox database.

By recalibrating your Gearbox ECU (Inc DSG boxes) we can control things such as:

Increased shifting response times (up to 70% faster shifting)

Gear up-shift and down-shift points

(We can tune the RPM at which the shift happens)

Minimum and maximum RPM for up and down-shifts

(the transmission ECU has its own rev limiters for each gear that over-ride the tune within the ECU so these often need to be changed to compliment an ECU remap)

Torque limiter changes (Gearbox ECU is independent of engine ECU so just remapping the engine ECU wont always unleash the full potential of the drive-train)

Launch Control (This option is not available on all models)

Automatic shifting control adjustments

(We can tune out those annoying up/down shifts in M mode)