Specialists in petrol & diesel remapping in Ayrshire Scotland.

Seditas Mapping Services have been Remapping cars here in Ayr for the last 20 years. We only use Evolutions chips supplied files and are fully up to date with modern ECU structures and know everything there is to know about Remapping services, automatic gearbox remapping and getting the best out of your car. We have invested heavily in the most up-to-date diagnostic systems and can access virtually every system on most vehicle makes (ABS/ DPF/ Body Control/ TPMS/ Instruments etc). In certain circumstances certain systems and fault codes can be deleted from the ecu ie Swirl Flap Control, FAP Control. Contact for further diagnostic/ code delete options.

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Since the move to fuel injection and full engine management control in the early 90`s the most straightforward way to achieve performance gains on any vehicle has been the recalibration of the engine management software or “Remapping”. We first started remapping vehicles as far back as 1995 and in 2003 started working with a company who are now recognized as the leaders in remapping technology... Evolution Chips.

Using the very latest hardware and software we are able to remap the majority of normally aspirated, turbo petrol and turbo diesel vehicles including the very latest generation of Audi, BMW, Seat and VW.